The strength and simplicity of GibbsCAM's wide range of milling options allows you to program all of your CNC mills with a single program and a single interface. GibbsCAM grants you the right to design your own pieces.

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Powerfully Simple.

Simply Powerful.

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GibbsCAM Production Turning includes absolute contouring, automated roughing, various hills and valleys, plunge roughing, threading, repeated form roughing, grinding, and tapping. Advanced features, such as keeping track of current stock levels, make programming lathes not only simple but also incredibly powerful. GibbsCAM Production Turning is an efficient and easy-to-use tool for programming the turning centers.

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GibbsCAM MTM was created primarily to meet the CNC programming needs of multi-task machine tools. It features effective programming tools that are simple to understand and use, as well as the highest level of usability and configurability.